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Homemade Penis Pump

You’re feeling a little under confident about the size of your manhood, and want to try and do something about it, but don’t really fancy the thought of going into a store and buying a pump. You’re trying to think of a way around it and having had a look at what they’re like you’re thinking that a homemade penis pump might be an alternative.

We’ve all been there. It’s embarrassing enough feeling that you’re not well equipped enough, but having to let others know that too.. no man wants to do that, but seriously that DIY penis pump idea? Don’t do it.

Seriously, if you care about your little man at all, you do not want to risk it. I’m not saying that you’re at the risk of chopping off your manhood or strangling it to death, but believe me having worked in the adult toy industry for a while now, I’ve heard enough things to make your eyes seriously water. It really isn’t worth it. Especially when you can order something online from as little as £10.

Besides the dangers of it all – which can range from not being able to cut off the suction to being injured by a poor quality cylinder substitute – the reality is that these homemade contraptions rarely, if ever actually work. If you want a penis pump to truly be able to do it’se job you need to be able to form a solid seal around the base of the penis and ensure an equal pressure build up can occur in the cylinder. This is something that manufacturers themselves find hard enough to achieve, so quite how any man thinks he can do it with an empty Pepsi bottle I really don’t know… but oh how so many have tried!!