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Electric Penis Pump: Are They Really Worth The Money?

electric penis pump

Most penis pumps that you’ll find online or on the high street are manually operated, which isn’t too much of an issue because let’s be honest we’re all pretty good with our hands in that department, but sometimes you’re just going to feel like you don’t want to have to sit there for twenty minutes pumping away.

One alternative to this is to get your partner to help you, but let’s be honest that’s not probably the most romantic thing to ask them to do or the sexiest, so it kind of rules that out. ┬áThere is though another option. The electric penis pump.

Designed to give you all the results of a standard penis pump without all the hard pumping work, these penis enlargers tend to be worked via a remote control and as well as being able to control the amount of suction and pressure on your penis automatically, you’ll also find some are pretty awesome male masturbators too with built in stroking and vibration settings.

The Robo Suck 2 Electric Penis Pump

One of the biggest selling electronic penis enlargers is the Doc Johnson Robo Suck 2. Designed to not only act as a penis pump, but also as a masturbating device, the Robo Suck 2 comes complete with remote control that will take you to larger and more delightful heights.

On the penis enlarging side of things, the way this electric pump works is pretty similar to the standard manual penis pump. You slip your manhood into the vacuum cylinder, and then instead of manually operating the pump you let the remote control do the pumping work for you.

And if you want a bit of pleasure and delight then the Robo Suck 2 can give it to you in droves, thanks to the simulating sleeve built into cylinder.

Is It Worth Buying A Electric Pump Over A Manual Pump?

It really depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a masturbator and pump in one then this is definitely something worth considering as the ability to have vibrations and strokes at the touch of a button is likely to please any man.

On the suction front though you might actually find that it’s actually less pleasurable than doing it yourself. If you’re someone who isn’t a big fan of the automated blood pressure gauge sucking the life out of your arm then having your dick suddenly be swallowed up by a pump isn’t likely to do it for you either!

However the reality is that you’re not going to know until you try it… though finding an electric penis pump in the UK is actually a lot harder than you might imagine. We had some luck in the US, but the only places we could find something like the Robo Suck 2 was in leading sex toy store Pabo and a few smaller sex toy stores like Loving it Large.


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