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12 Inch Penis Pump

While the majority of us guys don’t need to look beyond the standard penis pump that will measure between 6-8 inches in length, it seems that there is growing demand for a more substantial pump for those of you who are more well endowed…. so well endowed in fact that there is a growing number of 12 inch penis pumps becoming available on the market

Designed with that extra length to ensure that you can comfortably fit your manhood in, even when erect, these pumps are however not the easiest to find – particularly on the high street. However never fear, you might not be able to pick up a pump or two while you’re out doing the weekly shop, but you only need to head online to find a plentiful supply of products that should be more than able to contain you.

Are there downsides to having a 12 inch penis pump even if you’re not anywhere near that size at the moment?

If you’re looking for massive growth from using a penis pump then you should be aware that the average growth that a man tends to see ends up being around the 1 – 2 inches level, so if you’re looking for 5-6 inches of enlargement then you’re likely to be disappointed. However if you feel that you’re likely to outgrow a standard pump should you see even limited growth then it’s definitely worth beig safe and using something a little bigger than finding yourself being squashed into a cylinder that is too small. This is likely to not only be uncomfortable, but has the ability to cause some long term damage.

You should also be aware when buying a penis pump that enlargement isn’t likely to all be about length. The pumping action can act to not only increase the length of your penis, but also the girth. If you’re already quite impressive in circumference then you may well want to make sure that the cylinder is wide enough to be able to hold this extra growth!

With it being something of a specialist item, you might think that 12 inch penis pumps end up being rather basic in design and functionality. Not so much! One of the most popular penis pumps is the Bathmate bath penis pump. This water-assisted vacuum pump is seen as being far more effective than stanadard pumps, due to it’s ability to better control the pressure – thanks to the water – and at a length of 12.5 inches is more than able to contain you!

One thing that you might find hard to find however are automatic penis pumps. Due to the length of these pumps, it can be difficult to operate power units located at the end, something which has lead to a need for a better design for optimal efficiency. As we hear more about these we’ll let you know and give you our thoughts on the best and the worst of the bunch!